The Steel Penny Café Story

The Steel Penny Café is a tiny gem hidden in the industrial section of Hatboro, Pennsylvania next to Sullivan’s Scrap Yard.


As Covid finally released its grip on the US and business came back to life Mike thought about how he could once again resurrect his coffee and café dream. Aside from a coffee lover Mike was an avid traveler and foodie, and often visited interesting places with themed café’s and shops that left him feeling inspired. Over time the decision was made to rebrand and reopen ReDefined, with a new name and focus as Steel Penny Café.

Steel Penny Café was a fitting name- incorporating Mike’s love for metal and food. Like the 1943 steel penny (put into circulation due to copper and steel shortages) the Steel Penny Café is a rare hidden gem. From its location to its design and offerings it’s not your average café. The minute you step inside you leave the hustle and bustle of behind you and you are surrounded by a relaxing combination of metal and wood.

As Steel Penny Café’s concept and focus began to form, Mike was on a trip and was introduced to Detroit-style Pizza. Detroit Style Pizza was all the rage with foodies in major cities and tiny trendy towns that couldn’t get enough. Its golden cheese crust and flavor was much different than anything on the east coast and although its rectangular shape was reminiscent of Sicilian pie it’s texture and taste was far different. This introduction would forever make an impression and would form a major focus of Steel Penny Café- Detroit Pizza.

After returning from the trip, an extensive search began for a chef that fit the Steel Penny Café culture as well as a true Detroit Pizza Guru.

Steel Penny Café was thrilled to find Chef Dean. His experience, passion and talent were just what the café needed, and a partnership was born.

If you consider yourself a foodie, then you can’t miss the opportunity to see for yourself what everyone is talking about! The production process is time intensive, so we only create a limited amount daily. Give us a call to order a Detroit Pizza, try Chef Dean’s other great food, and join our tribe.

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