About Us

Drink Coffee & Eat Pizza DIFFERENTLY

Coffee & Detroit Pizza uniquely situated

Steel Penny Cafe is a rare, unique & one-of-a-kind cafe – just like the 1943 coin. Inspired by recycling surroundings, Sullivan’s Scrap Metals and repurposing you need to know about the steel penny.

Story time…Steel pennies were only manufactured for one year in 1943. There was a shortage of brass and bronze since they used the metals including copper (found in brass/bronze) to make shells for artillery during the war effort. Due to the shortage, they needed to still make the penny. They used recycled steel but with problems. They rusted. They are magnetic (and got stuck in vending machines. So the mint recalled 10M or so of them to melt. There are some in rare circulation today.

Our name is almost as unique as our cozy coffee corner where you’ll find hanging lights, funky antiques & a ton of LOVE for all things that keep us caffeinated using La Colombe coffee. Come check us out or order delivery in Hatboro – where we call home!