About Us


Coffee uniquely situated

You may be wondering to yourself – how on earth did they come up with “The Steel Penny” as a name for their café? Well, there are a few schools of thought on that… we’re kidding it was actually pretty easy for us!

We share space with a scrap yard, no – not a junkyard, a scrap yard where our community has come since 1999 to recycle everything from copper pipes to entire vehicles and everything in between. It’s a pretty (shall we say) unique set-up that we’re sure you’ve never heard of. So, we thought to ourselves, what’s a unique metal item that almost no one has? And it hit us like a ton of bricks – A Steel Penny.

A brief history lesson: In 1943, the US faced a copper shortage due to the need for copper in WWII so the Mint produced steel pennies in place of copper. However, since steel is magnetic, these pennies caused some issues and were only produced for (1) year. In the late 60’s, most of these pennies still in circulation were gathered up and destroyed, making any present-day survivors incredibly rare.

Our name is almost as unique as our cozy coffee corner where you’ll find Christmas lights, funky antiques & a ton of LOVE for all thing’s that keep us caffeinated. Come check us out or order delivery if you’re local to us!