Population: 12164 residents
Average age: 50 years old *
Homeowners: 81%
* Average age of homeowners
U.S. Census 2010

Horsham Map Horsham Township is located in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. The Township was established in 1717 by Samuel Carpenter who was from the town of Horsham in Sussex County, England.
Horsham Township is a home rule municipality in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, United States.   The Township, incorporated in 1717, is one of the oldest original municipalities in Montgomery County. Although it retains the word “Township” in its official name, it has been governed by a Home Rule Charter since 1975 and is therefore not subject to the Pennsylvania Township Code.

The population was 26,147 at the 2010 census.

Horsham Township covers an area of 17 square miles, 89.70 miles of which are township roads.  There are 23.72 miles of state roads and 1.5 miles of county roads.

Horsham Township is made up of several community areas including Horsham (19044) and portions of the Hatboro (19040), Ambler (19002), Chalfont (18914) and North Wales (19454) zip codes.

source: https://www.horsham.org/pview.aspx?id=10192&catid=609


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